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Created29.12.2021 01:36

Patton_M47 29.12.2021 01:36
why does my collision change size

Ludovic Fritz (mrludo40) 29.12.2021 02:11
Hello ,

Do you think about freezing your collison before importing it?

Patton_M47 29.12.2021 03:21
its a copy of the Pickup 1986s bed col I just rescaled it

Rubens De Moraes (Rhubens) 30.12.2021 21:36
That is the problem, collisions cannot be rescaled, it will get exponential size, but this new "exponential size" will not been seen, you will see the collision in GE in the desired size, but when you enter the game you will notice that is bigger.

My suggestion:
1) export this collision in .obj by GE, open it in Blender, rescale it there, and after export back, press "Ctrl+A" and chose "scale", it will keep the physic size, but will reset the scale to X1.0 Y1.0 Z1.0 (only the numbers, the object will keep rescaled), now you can export in .i3D and the game wont have any problem with that new collision.

2) in GE, copy the piece of the object that you want to put collision, past it (in GE) and put it as the last piece, and memorize their ID (attributes, transform, ID) now you will create a rigid body for this piece, in "RigidBody" select Dynamic, check "collision" and put 202042 as collision mask, in "shape" you have to check "non Renderable" "distance Blending" (uncheck all the rest), save this object and quit GE. Now open this object with notepad++ or something similar. search the ID that I ask to memorize, I suggest you type (id="999"), just in case of there are numbers are identical of the ID you are searching. Found ID, add to his line the text (compoundChild="true") save it, and it is done. If you want to check if it works, open the object in GE again, and see if the new piece has in his Rigid Body the compoundChild checked.

The GE method is more complex, but u will have a collision exactly the same size of the piece, if everything goes fine.
Hope it help you and Happy new year.

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