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How to Make Placeable Objects Respond to Collision

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Created26.01.2022 00:59

Terry "hulk" Hogan (hoganWCW97) 26.01.2022 00:59
So I've gone through the map props and made a mod with a bunch of placeables and some of them (such as a potted plant) respond to collision. When placed, they exhibit gravity, fall to the ground or respond to being placed on a slope, and I can run over them with a vehicle. Some objects however, are fixed and immovable. I've done some experimenting in comparing between objects and I can't seem to figure out how to make the immovable objects respond naturally like the others do.

Surely there is an easy solution for this and the question has probably already been answered, I tried searching and it doesn't seem to produce great results.

Thank you for the help.

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 26.01.2022 11:03
In Giants editor open an i3d of an object that responds as you want, check the rigid body settings and collision mask of the object, there you will see the relevant settings required.

Terry "hulk" Hogan (hoganWCW97) 27.01.2022 00:02
Thanks man! That worked.

Thanks to you, I can now place a parking lot full of plastic barrels or shopping carts and relieve the stress of a poor yield or low quality AI help.

The only thing I get is the "WARNING: Mesh Cooking" in the console. I have no idea what that means, but everything seems to work in-game.

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