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Assistance Needed with Blender to Giants Bake transfer

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Created27.01.2022 01:13

M********* R******** (sharecropper27) 27.01.2022 01:13
MC331 Trailer build
• Planned Material Editor Maps Giants Editor
o Albedo – “White Metal “essentially white and somewhat shiny
o Gloss – “Extreme Rusty Metal” courtesy of 3D designer, RyanKingArts (see below)
o Normal – this map is currently baked into the procedural color above, how do I transfer normal map info to Giant’s editor?
o Emissive map – N/A not used currently
• Background on the project
o This is my first scratch-built project. I have beginner experience in 3D modeling and recently started using Blender and Giants Editor. I have art and design experience/skill but nothing professional.
o Mod Desc – no errors
o XML – The XML has errors but they’re not syntax, they’re game related (this is a separate issue I will cover in another post, ongoing issue)
o I3d –this file is having issues which are listed (below)
o FS22 currently has not [authentic] semi-trailers which carry Anhydrous and Propane
 These types of products must be stored in highly regulated compressed gas trailers known as MC331
• Business Value
o Create value where there is a business need for trailers: anhydrous and propane
o Maps such as Deer Creek by Central Ohio Modding currently offer anhydrous sell points but lack authentic tractor-trailer transport
• Assumptions
o There are currently no other FS22 mods which are not conversions from previous iterations of Farm Sim15 and 17; this creates issues I have no desire to fix, and a scratch build is necessary.
• Risks/Issues
o UV Unwrap – When I unwrap, there is a clear need to mark seams. However, when I attempt to edge-loop select with ALT-RMB or even CTRL-SHIFT-RMB nothing happens, regardless of what tutorials I’ve found, none of them show how to do this in Blender 3.0
o Dependency on UV unwrap – Texture map export from Blender 3.0
 When saving a texture to File Explorer, the object must first be correctly unwrapped. This has delayed unwrapping of the texture.
 Most images I have saved with texture maps have literally transferred the mesh to the object when applied in Giant’s editor—usually turning the bake completely black. Depending on whether I select the correct texture, sometimes it turns bright red.
 Alternatively, I have downloaded PBR textures from but without texture maps, the seams are wrong and the scale of the normal is way off.
o Bake transfer to Giants Editor 9.0*
 How Should I do this? Tutorials exist but I clearly have not found the correct ones for Blender 3.0
 When I export to Blender, the i3d comes into Giants Editor as a shiny metal, regardless of bake in blender
o I3d doesn’t match export when I save to Giants Editor
 Is there something I need to do prior to opening the export from Blender in the i3d XML version?
• Is it still necessary to adjust any links to materials? source: RDAllen tutorial for FS19 modding
• Timeline
o Design (Dec 2021 complete)
o Development – January 2022 (current phase)
o Implement – February 2022
o Production/Testing – mid March 2022
o Release – April 2022

David Zadnik (DzInLa) 27.01.2022 02:33
Regarding edge-loop select, did you convert triangles to quads (Alt-J) in edit mode with all faces selected?
I would highly recommend viewing the GIANTS Modding Tutorials 5.0, worth every penny.
See the photos I shared on the Expendables Modding group page.

M********* R******** (sharecropper27) 27.01.2022 02:58
Thanks, David. This will set me on the right track!

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