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no store item for xml filename

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Created28.01.2022 19:52

Randy Plumlee (blaomen) 28.01.2022 19:52
I'm having an issue with this warning when i try to place a custom spinnery
Warning: PlaceableUtil.loadPlaceable can only load existing store items, no store item for xml filename '..../maps/placeables/spinnery/spinnery.xml

this is the line i have in my placeables file
<placeable mapBoundId="sellingStationSpinnery" filename="$mapdir$/maps/placeables/spinnery/spinnery.xml" ....

and i have this in the modDesc
<storeItem xmlfilename="maps/placeables/spinnery/spinnery.xml" />

i have also tried adding it to the storeItems file but still no luck.

i have many a few other custom items that are working fine i just can't seem to get this one working
any help would be appreciated
Thank You

Ken Poth (pothk) 28.01.2022 20:59
try captializing filename so its like this xmlFilename=
not sure if that would solve it all but its a first setp

Randy Plumlee (blaomen) 28.01.2022 21:13
OMG you are a Genius i can't believe i overlooked that. Thank you so much

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