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hydraulic hose - blender question

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Created28.01.2022 20:14

Ross Clarke (rossc) 28.01.2022 20:14
im having trouble animating the hydraulic hoses on a machine, i have watched loads of tutorials but none of them are on the current version of blender and the tutorials dont seem to translate over to newer version (im on v 3.0)

i feel like its something small that im overlooking as i can make it flexible once removed from machine but cannot find a solution.

any help or a link to a v3.0 tutorial on this is greatly welcomed

Tim Mackin (tlmackin33) 01.02.2022 14:26
Are you looking to make one? If so Forward Ag Solutions has a vehicle on youtube that showed me the way to create them. Very simple and took like 15 minutes.

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