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vehicle sell problem please help

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Created30.01.2022 05:56

David Foster (braveheart) 30.01.2022 05:56
i have changed the rotation and translation to match exactly where the player trigger and also tried the rotation and translation for a couple of different things associated with the vehicle sell place in the xml file for placeables and no matter what i put the icon for it always ends up in the middle of the map can someone please help me and tell me what i may be doing wrong i have the vehicle sell i3d that i got from fs22 files the 2 squares to place in between the warning stripes which i also have as well but like i said no matter what translation and rotation i put in the icon always ends up in the middle of the map and sell place ends up somewhere who knows please help

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 30.01.2022 11:25
My guess is you have'nt got the main vehicleShop transform group set at 0.0.0 in your map i3d and have moved this instead of just the children -storeSpawnPlace and vehicleshopTrigger to your new location.
I suggest you export a new vehicleShop transform group from one of the base maps and using control B place the relevant sections where you want them.
With regard to your icon problem have you checked the map.xml to see if the <placeableHotspot type="SHOP" text="$l10n_vehicle_shop" worldPosition="847.5 34.5" teleportWorldPosition="847.5 0 34.5" /> matches your new position

David Foster (braveheart) 30.01.2022 13:00
no its not that i know how to move each individual piece of each one of those and its not the store icon or trigger it the actual vehicle sell spot that has the wrench icon next to it so you can repair or repaint or sell your vehicle i've tried a bunch of different translation and rotation matching to the small square that says playertrigger and everytime same result the wrench icon ends up in the middle of the map

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 30.01.2022 16:07
Sorry I misunderstood, how have you set it all up, here is the way mine is set and works perfectly

modDesc --<storeItems> <storeItem xmlFilename="placeables/sellingStationVehicles/sellingStationVehicles.xml" /></storeItems>

placeable.xml -- <placeables> <placeable mapBoundId="sellingStationVehicles" filename="$mapdir$/placeables/sellingStationVehicles/sellingStationVehicles.xml" position="29 88 10" rotation="0 0 0" /> </placeables>

In the map placeables folder is the sellingStationVehicles folder with the sellingStationVehicles.xml with the following i3d referenced

Dutch Mountain (Dutchmountain) 30.01.2022 18:43
I just set it up myself. The sellingStationVehicles just need their position set in the placeables.xml
An easy way to achieve is to import the sellingStationVehicles.i3d to your map > place it as you like and once in place copy the position and rotation into the placeable.xml. Then you can delete the .i3d from your map again.

e.g. placeables.xml
<placeable mapBoundId="sellingStationVehicles" filename="data/placeables/mapUS/sellingStationVehicles/sellingStationVehicles.xml" position="-233 87 -37" rotation="0 0 0" /> <!-- set -->

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 30.01.2022 19:13
The placeable folder method enables custom i3d's to be used i.e a workshop model complete with necessary triggers whereas the base game version has only the trigger and icon.
But both methods are equally viable.

David Foster (braveheart) 31.01.2022 06:31
thank you both so much both methods worked i tried both wish y'all could tutor people who know very little like myself. my last hurdle is splines and traffic but i think i'm good i have a lot of good info wrote down from other maps and videos i've watched thanks again and stay safe and blessed and maybe if i need a little help with traffic and splines one of you could give some advice thanks again

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 31.01.2022 11:24
Some old info on traffic splines is available here, Modding Video Tutorials 3.0 (Farming Simulator 17) in the Video Tutorials section of this forum,t bear in mind the traffic splines are now also used by the AI, which requires separate splines merged with the main traffic splines.
The best way would be to famaliarise yourself with how the splines are set up in the base map especially regarding any User Attributes

David Foster (braveheart) 03.02.2022 05:04
thanks can you give me some advice on how to make the 250k bga work in game I've tried the same method like how to do the selling station put in all rotation and translation but still can't get it to work do i have to put the trigger markers myself or once i put in the xml in right which i can't find or will the game put it in for me can you help with this I've figured out the splines I'm pretty sure of just trying to figure this bga thing out and one other thing is can i mod an existing save game so maybe i could just load the map put bga and then load that saved map into giants editor thanks again you've been an awesome help

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 03.02.2022 13:22
It is the same as all other placeables,

<placeable mapBoundId="bga" filename="data/placeables/planET/bga250kw/bga250kw.xml" position="-12.319 87 77.964" rotation="0 90 0" />

Markers should be spawned automatically as they are called from the relevant xml in this case they are not ground markers but icons.

The way I do placeables is simply to import into the map and Crtl "B" to the location, note Tra\nslation/Rotation settings and use those in the placeable.xml entry.

If you want a placeable to show both in the editor and in game then,

Create an empty Transform Group and call it placeHolder
In the User Attributes panel, in the Type drop down box select "script Callback" and enter the Name "onCreate" (no quotes) and select Add
This will open another box labelled onCreate under the Attributes heading,
Into this box enter "Placeholders.onCreate" (without the quotes)

Any items you put in this placeHolder transform group will appear both in game and in the editor.

However the game will only load the ones that you have entered in the placeables.xml so any changes you make in the editor to the items Translation/Rotation etc MUST be rentered in the placeables.xml to display correctly in game.

In order to reduce map size it is advisable to delete this placeHolder transform Group when you have finished your map

David Foster (braveheart) 04.02.2022 05:23
Colin you are awesome I really do appreciate all this help I'm really trying hard to finish this map so I can get back to playing the game the way I like I've got one more problem what are the maxSpeedScale and speedlimit need to be for a spline like a float an integer I know what the numbers need to be just can't figure out what they need to be called I have my traffic spline right and the transform group right with the onCreate and xmlFile and spline is connected properly but still no traffic I think it's the maxSpeedScale and speedlimit not being called the proper thing like a float or integer I really understand the placeables a lot now and I'm very grateful it just seems like once i figure out one thing and i think for sure i got the next nothing ever works I'm starting to get very discouraged and ready to just delete giants editor and farming sim 22 and never touch it again even though I love the game anyway thanks again for all your help and advice

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 04.02.2022 11:31
If you are ever unsure of what setings you require just open one of the base maps in notepad++ and in this case enter maxSpeedScale into the Search--Find box then you will see this (from the USmap)

<UserAttribute nodeId="8078">
<Attribute name="maxSpeedScale" type="float" value="1"/>
<Attribute name="speedLimit" type="float" value="150"/>

which shows that both are numeric float values

Just above this entry in the i3d is the Traffic Sytem attribute

<UserAttribute nodeId="8077">
<Attribute name="onCreate" type="scriptCallback" value="TrafficSystem.onCreate"/>
<Attribute name="xmlFile" type="string" value="$data/maps/mapUS/trafficSystem.xml"/>

which convieniently shows the value entrys for both "scriptCallback" (onCreate) and string (Name)

David Foster (braveheart) 04.02.2022 13:18
I have no idea what I'm doing wrong but I've put everything in correctly and still no traffic my splines start and end are connected and all the attributes are correct still nothing I give up better yet never mind I'm over it I'm done with giants I was having fun with all the farming sims till now can't believe the maps are crap and just to over crowed with just to much and fields not square or worker friendly that's why I got into trying my own map idea where I have the room for what I want I got placeables figured out finally and thought for sure had splines down from every video and thing I copied from mapUS about traffic but still nothing thanks Giants for ruining farming sim for me and my stream viewers Thank you Colin for being helpful you've been an awesome help thanks again and God Bless

David Foster (braveheart) 04.02.2022 13:34
If you can give any last minute advice on the splines so maybe I can try this 1 last time and if it doesn't work this time someone at giants will be issuing me a full refund on everything cause they wrecked this years game with aweful maps and stupid season pass idea so aggrevated they need more in depth videos on these things so people can figure these things out easier sorry Colin for ranting just very disappointed with this years game and was hoping to change the outcome with making my own map the traffic is seriously the last thing I need and maps complete but traffic is being difficult I've raised 7 kids and never ran into something that's drove me crazy like this oh so heated thanks again Colin for everything and reading my reply's thanks again just wish I was as smart as you at this

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 04.02.2022 14:36
All I can suggest is that you import into your map or better still a blank map, the traffic system from a base map then study how it is created, paying particular attenttion to the spline translate/rotation settings and how the different splines are aligned, then add one of your splines to that trafficSystem.xml, this will provide a check on the file paths so leaving just a spline problem.

It could just be you have Rotation on your spline which would cause the spline not to work , one method I use to avoid any rotation problems when creating splines is to -- Create the spline - select the "S" cv and delete it , this moves the "S" cv to the splines translation/rotation center the spline can still be translated without any problems and all other subsequent operations creating the spline are made with the "E" cv,

William Rowe (Bonger76) 04.02.2022 17:07
If you have a spline that is done but you rotated it ,all you need to do is select the spline go to edit freeze tranfomation and only check rotate and apply and that will correct the rotation on the spline,and when your done if you whant it to set 0,0,0 then select it again and freeze transformation
and only check translate and apply if you think you might need to move the spline dont do this till you are done working it.This freeze transfomation works good when you are useing a spline to do terrian edit by spline.

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 04.02.2022 18:32
As I use the same spline to create the terrain, paint the terrain, create the road network in Blender and finally create the traffic spline (or railway splines) I find it easier to set the transform/rotation point at the "S" cv and just use the "E" cv to create the spline, that way inadvertently moving rotation setting is one less thing to worry about whilst working on the spline and the spline is easily editable (or duplicated if required) which it isn't if the the freeze transforms are applied during, for example the terrain height operation.

David Foster (braveheart) 05.02.2022 04:53
I thank each one of you for your help but my spline still isn't working tried both methods and still nothing thanks again for your help but i'm done i've deleted giants and have requested a refund i'm so pissed i can think of better things to do with my life then waste it on this stupid shit anymore thanks agin everyone

David Foster (braveheart) 16.02.2022 07:46
The last message I sent was suppose to be deleted I apologize guys for sounding like a cry baby and I apologize for talking trash about the game. Just want y'all to know i finally fixed the traffic problem it was my dumb self actually connecting the start and end together with O that was causing it not to work thanks again for the help i'm finally playing on my mod map and everything works good thanks to y'alls help thanks again

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 16.02.2022 11:27
Didn't think you would give up, problems like this do become a nagging itch that youwant to scratch, glad you finally got it sorted

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