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Created30.01.2022 17:41

Charles Hooperlee (subbeh) 30.01.2022 17:41
Hi, sorry if this is a duplicate but it's just about February 2022 and my Google searches haven't turned up with any answers from after December 2021.

Where can I find the LUADOCs or sources for FS22?

I am interested in modding but cannot find the LUADOCs or sources for FS22. I am able to get LUA executing in my own mod but without documentation of the API (or the sources themselves) to various components of the game (productionPoint, for example), then I cannot really make the modifications that I'm meaning to make.

FWIW I am on a Mac.

I had/have the Steam version which does not ship with sources still (I read), so I bought, yes *bought* a new copy of FS22 straight from GIANTS.

Prior to installing, I deleted (moved) the user directory with all my saved games, etc in it before installing but still cannot find the sources/documentation I need in either the User directory or Application directory.

So where can I find these? I *do* have access to a PC so I am currently downloading the Windows version of FS22 to see if it ships with what I'm looking for.

Will this help me find what I'm looking for?


Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 30.01.2022 18:19
Main Farming Simulator 2022 game folder -- sdk/debugger/

Full path C:\Program Files (x86)\Farming Simulator 2022\sdk\debugger\

Charles Hooperlee (subbeh) 30.01.2022 22:00
Thank you very much Colin. It would seem then that the game sources do not ship with the Mac versions then. Hopefully after this 12-hour download of the Windows version completes I'll have that file.

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 31.01.2022 11:34
To make it easier to access the files iIt would be nice if Giants posted those in the Documentation section of this forum along other various Modding info, for example a PDF on the Blender Exporter settings would be nice to start with.

Charles Hooperlee (subbeh) 01.02.2022 17:24
Yes, I agree, it shouldn't be so hard to gain access to these files or any of the documentation.

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