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Created02.02.2022 00:10

Øystein Øihusom (cptCory) 02.02.2022 00:10

I'd like to make a mod that makes animal pens more modular. Concrete example: I have a big chicken barn. I would like to be able to extend the capacity of the feeding through while in game by buying a vanilla silo extension and placing it nearby the chicken barn.

Problem is I can't figure out how to let the chickenbarn refill its internal storage from a nearby silo or silo extension. Also the game won't let me place a silo extension close to the chickenbarn as there is no "parent silo" element. Any pointers?

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 02.02.2022 01:55
Sounds like something that is doable with a custom script written for the purpose. I'm still fumbling with my own scripts so unfortunately I can't be much help with this one.

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