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ERROR: Keyframes not strictly monotonic increasing.

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Created02.02.2022 07:07

Peyton Nolte (southpawboy) 02.02.2022 07:07
I have this error (ERROR: Keyframes not strictly monotonic increasing.) in my log for a mod, and I have checked everywhere for a reference to this error in both the moddesc XML and the main XML, and I cannot find a solution. wondering if I could receive help?

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 02.02.2022 11:30
Simply means your animation doesn't increase in time correctly., i.e

<animatedObject index="doorSide_1" >
<animation duration="2">
<part node="1|0|0|0">
<keyFrame time="0.0" rotation="0 0 0"/>
<keyFrame time="0.15" rotation="0 0 -45"/>
<keyFrame time="0.8" rotation="0 0 -45"/>
<keyFrame time="1.0" rotation="0 0 0"/>

Peyton Nolte (southpawboy) 22.02.2022 05:59
But I search for the word "keyframe" and nothing appears in the XML for it

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 22.02.2022 10:26
You have the error "ERROR: Keyframes not strictly monotonic increasing" in your log but when searching for the word "keyframe" it does not appear in your Mod xml.

Right, couple of things spring to mind

1. You are looking at the wrong mod, as a guide the item in the log directly above the error is normally the mod causing the problem
2 If you are using notepad ++ and you have the Match case box ticked
3 Is the animation in a separate i3d, in which case check you cannot check the animation.i3d.anim unless you have Maya or another programme to open the .anim file

If none of the above copy paste the section of your log showing the error, at least 4 lines above and below the error entry in your next post

Kristijan Puric (Kiky0807) 15.01.2023 13:44
this error also applies to the motor torque if it is not properly aligned


<torque normRpm="0.45" torque="0.9"/>
<torque normRpm="0.5" torque="0.97"/>
<torque normRpm="1.59" torque="1"/>
<torque normRpm="0.72" torque="1"/>
<torque normRpm="0.86" torque="0.88"/>
<torque normRpm="1" torque="0.72"/>


<torque normRpm="0.45" torque="0.9"/>
<torque normRpm="0.5" torque="0.97"/>
<torque normRpm="0.59" torque="1"/>
<torque normRpm="0.72" torque="1"/>
<torque normRpm="0.86" torque="0.88"/>
<torque normRpm="1" torque="0.72"/>

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