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Searching for a tutorial on Decal Mask

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Created03.02.2022 03:35

M********* R******** (sharecropper27) 03.02.2022 03:35
Good Evening,

Does anyone know how to transfer decals from blender to Giants Editor?

Thanks in advance.

M********* R******** (sharecropper27) 08.02.2022 19:18
Since no one had an answer: here is a tutorial I found on "how to add an Image texture to an Empty mesh" this video is about a different object but the teacher goes end-to-end on decals. I have no affiliation to the channel and am only trying to help others. Decals were a huge hurdle for me. This was the only way I've found to transfer Decal UV information from Blender 3.0 to Giants Editor 9.0.2

decal section begins at 24:38

Jefferson Larue (silver) 08.02.2022 20:13
Else, there are mods which are sorts of can then replace the image and have your own decal

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