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sound xml file issues.....please help

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Created08.02.2022 17:00

Jefferson Larue (silver) 08.02.2022 17:00

Anyone can explain why the gear lever and the group levers sound don't work ingame.

Here's the xml file I am using :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no" ?>
<sounds xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="../../../../../shared/xml/schema/vehicle_sounds.xsd">
<motor template="engineMediumVintage" file="sounds/series4755_loop.gls" />
<motor template="indoorCabinRumble" volumeScale="32.2" />
<gearGroupLeverStart template="gearDisengaged" volumeScale="3.8"/>
<gearGroupLeverEnd template="gearEngaged" volumeScale="3.8"/>
<gearLeverStart template="gearDisengaged" volumeScale="300.5"/>
<gearLeverEnd template="gearEngaged" volumeScale="300.5"/>
<gearbox template="transmissionMediumVintage" volumeScale="0.3"/>
<compressedAir template="compressedAir"/>
<airCompressorRun template="brakeCompressorMedium" />
<airCompressorStop template="compressedAir"/>


<toggleLights template="SWITCH_01" />
<turnLight template="SWITCH_TURNLIGHT" />

<attach template="ATTACH_01" />
<hydraulic template="defaultHydraulicSound" />

<waterSplash template="WATER_SPLASH_01" />

<sound template="HONK_JD6250R" />

Many thanks for your help

Sjay Evdox (SJAY_ONE) 10.02.2022 07:07
Hello. Perhaps you need to make sure that the animation of the lever is registered in the xml of the technique. For example:
<gearLever node="0>4|3|4" centerAxis="3" changeTime="0.2" handsOnDelay="0.2">
<state gear="1" xRot="4" zRot="-5" />
<state gear="2" xRot="-4" zRot="-5" />
<state gear="3" xRot="4" zRot="0" />
<state gear="4" xRot="-4" zRot="0" />
<state gear="5" xRot="5" zRot="0" />

<gearLever node="0>4|3|1" centerAxis="3" changeTime="0.5" handsOnDelay="0.2">
<state group="1" xRot="4" zRot="-1" />
<state group="2" xRot="-4" zRot="-5" />
<state group="3" xRot="4" zRot="-5" />

Jefferson Larue (silver) 12.02.2022 19:15
I already did that......but still not sound when shifting gears. All the more strange that the cabin rumble sound does operate !

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