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Water Plane Problem

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Created08.02.2022 22:04

Gyebnár Dávid (LsHdavidoff) 08.02.2022 22:04
Can anyone help me with what makes this problem? The trees are not reflected back, and when I buy a machine, it puts the texture of the garage on the surface of the water. Log.txt does not write an error
all paths are fine. The water is from the factory map.


Apic Kwick (apickwick) 06.04.2022 01:12
I have the same problem - do you have a solution (trees have no reflection).

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 06.04.2022 10:40
Attributes --Object Mask (Hex): ff03ff

Adrian Droste (oggimaster) 06.04.2022 21:58
Enabling reflection for a specific object works fine by changing the object mask.

However I encounter an strange issue, where the reflection is shown 20 metres beneath the water surface. I could not reproduce this issue on other maps and therefore have no clue where its coming from.

I increased the height scale of the map and my ground is 26 units high. It seems that the reflection plane is on height 0.
Nevertheless these settings doesnt effect the reflections on other maps.
I reproduced the mirror planes which are in the official Alpine map for the water surfaces. Unfortunetly this doesnt fix it either.

EDIT: The reflection plane isnt on an absolute height. Decreasing the height of the water surface and the object with the same relative position (to the water surface) give the same result.

ISSUE FIXED: The problem came from "freeze transformation -> scaling (only)". Ive done that, because the water shader got distorted. You have to check "preserve instances" too for working reflections.

Apic Kwick (apickwick) 10.04.2022 12:08
Problem solved.

TransformGroup of Trees (or Buildings): Attributes --Object Mask (Hex): ff03ff
The origin of the WaterPlane must be on the water-level and then moved with "Translate Y" (reflection plane is on height 0 of WaterPlane)

Thank you very much. :-)

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