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more groundType in sculp mod

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Created11.02.2022 21:58

Pierre Payette (camberman53) 11.02.2022 21:58

I create a nap from Elmcreek (mapUS)) reworked the map in GE start a game
Problem is when I want to edit my map in GE nothing work if I start from my save game need to start a new game or transfert manually my save to tne new game but I lost all terrain editing done from the sculpt mod

I solve the problem by adding in sculpt mod all ground texture in mapUS in GE (16) all works now

My question Is it possible to add ground textures from mapFR or mapAlpine in my own map ex: plate from alpine
I know where are textures need but when I start GE can't find them

someone have solution?

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 12.02.2022 06:18
There are a couple ways to do it. The absolute easiest way for you would be to use the terrain layer manager. Click on "terrain" in the SG. Then in your attributes window scroll down until you see "Layer manager." You will still have to manually create the _weight files yourself, but that's easy enough. The rest should be self-explanatory when you look at the layer manager. This is the easiest solution for anyone not familiar with manually adding layers and combined layers by manipulating the map.i3d.

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