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Train problem in new map

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Created21.02.2022 23:16

Fabio Dell'orto (Dello) 21.02.2022 23:16
I'm gonnacreate my own trainsystem in my Italian map.
We add trainsystem lines, so we get the US train into the map and it functions well.
Now we need to edit train and place on it an italian style locomotive so we decide to copy the entire "locomotive04" folder inside the map to edit i3d and make an Italian one.
Locomotive xml path has been updated but when starting to play, game crashes in dressing player menĂ¹.
We haven't made any editing to "locomotive04" folder filesso we don't undertand why the game don't recognize the locomotive files.
Please help us!

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 22.02.2022 10:28
What are the errors in the log.txt entry ?

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 22.02.2022 13:56
I will add that I have just done this recently under very similar circumstances. In a local copy of trainSystem.xml I changed the file path for locomotive04.xml to that of another locomotive that has been previously edited and there were no issues with just that one change. I didn't see a need to pull in the entire folder since I was changing only one file that is now stored locally, it looks to the game folder for everything else. So you are saying this is the only change you have made and now it crashes? I would go with Colin's suggestion and check the log because it seems to me if that was the only change that was made, there should be no issue. My guess is that you inadvertently caused another error that the game is picking up on.

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