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Created22.02.2022 04:50

Clint Richardson (sfinxxxxx) 22.02.2022 04:50
I am modding a map and it doesn't seem to matter what I do I can't seem to get the logs to sell for higher prices, I can change the displayed price but the price it actually sells for does not change.

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 22.02.2022 14:04
How are you attempting to change the price? Which file are you editing?

Clint Richardson (sfinxxxxx) 22.02.2022 16:15
I am attempting to change the price, I am editing the fill types under fill type "WOOD" price per liter, there is no economy under that field type for the year so I tried to create one and that didn't work either

William Rowe (Bonger76) 23.02.2022 03:55
I have two sawmills on my map and to make one of them pay more this is what it looks like in my placeable sawmill .xml under sellingStation

<sellingStation node="sellingStation" supportsExtension="false">
<unloadTrigger fillTypes="WOOD" >
<woodTrigger triggerNode="woodTrigger" activationTriggerNode="woodSellTrigger" />

<fillType name="WOOD" priceScale="1.25" supportsGreatDemand="false" disablePriceDrop="true" />


hope this helps

Clint Richardson (sfinxxxxx) 23.02.2022 18:38
thanks i will give it a try

Alex Burton (Bullet009900) 12.07.2023 18:05
I've tried this with elk mountain sawmill but it didnt seem to work. I set the price to 0.5 I can see in the game when checking prices the sawmill says it will pay less than the carpentry now, but when I sell a tree there its still the same price.

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