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FS22 Modmap visual glitch

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Created25.02.2022 01:53

Adrian Droste (oggimaster) 25.02.2022 01:53
Hello there,

i've been constructing a 4x modmap with terrain height scale changed from 255 to 3071 for exaggerated terrain.
When im driving to higher points of the map my vehicle is disappearing visually (seperate parts and/or the whole vehicle).
In certain camera angles it is still visible.

Does anyone have an idea if this is caused by the game engine (not fixable) or is it a value that I have to change (game or map settings)?

I dont have errors, warnings or other helpful information in the log file.

Thanks for help :)

Adrian Droste (oggimaster) 25.02.2022 14:05
Problem solved:

The game engine isnt supposed to render objects above 500 height units.

- If you are changing the height scale, the deepest part (bottom) of the map will increase in height as well (for example from height 50 to 400, only 100 units headroom until render-border left)

- You have to change the brightness and contrast of the map_dem.png so the deepest parts are nearly black and the highest are bright grey to white (if the contrast is too hight, pure black and white areas, then the you are loosing height information in this areas)

- Due to the higher contrast of the map_dem.png the height is naturally exaggerated. Then you can change the terrain height scale to a lower value than before (check for highest playable map point ist under 500 height units)

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 25.02.2022 15:19
Zrange Values ( min/max height in metres )

If the difference in min/max height values is greater than 255m for example i.e 37 to 560m = 523m to keep the same ratio between the min and max heights it’s just a case of bit of maths

i.e. min 37 max 560 – ratio 560/37 = 15.13

max hgt in GE 255/15.13 = 17

so new Zrange will be min 17m, max 255m

If the max height is above 255 you will have to adjust the heightScale value in the map i3d to the higher value (not recommended but can be a max of 355m otherwise distortion will occur) and adjust the max height figure in the above example to suit

A minimum height of 10m is advisable as GE does not allow any terraforming below 0m so no rivers or holes can be dug

Adjust the settings in Microdem or QGIS

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