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Created25.02.2022 09:51

Pavel Trestik (casper1) 25.02.2022 09:51
this message floods the log
Unpopulating RenderTextureController as a RenderOverlay is in use by the GUI

Philip Klotz (Philipklotz123) 26.02.2022 19:00

Mantrid  (mantrid) 28.02.2022 06:42
You need to tag all your mirrors within the <mirrors> tag, and useMirror="true" for your indoor camera. See any base-game vehicle for example.

Pavel Trestik (casper1) 04.03.2022 11:54

Thank you very much, you helped me a lot, it works

Sean Pierce (pierceCustoms) 13.03.2022 10:34
still having the same issue and i fallowed this and still floods the log here what my camera looks like any help apparated it

<camera node="0>7|0|0" rotatable="true" rotateNode="0>7|0" limit="true" useWorldXZRotation="true" rotMinX="-1.4" rotMaxX="1" transMin="4.5" transMax="35">
<raycastNode node="0>8"/>
<raycastNode node="0>9"/>
<raycastNode node="0>10"/>
<camera node="0>7|1|0" rotatable="true" limit="true" rotMinX="-1.1" rotMaxX="0.4" transMin="0" transMax="0" useMirror="true" isInside="true"/>
<camera node="0>6|1|19|0" rotatable="true" limit="true" rotMinX="-1.1" rotMaxX="0.4" transMin="0" transMax="35"/>

Daniel Danby (rostigerspieler) 14.03.2022 18:29
Create inside the <enterable isTabbable="true"> and </enterable> Tap, this:

<mirror node="frontmirror" prio="1" />
<mirror node="sidemirrorleft" prio="1" />
<mirror node="sidemirrorright" prio="1" />

Search your mirrors in Giants Editor (Mirror glass part only). Create i3dMapping nodes for the mirrors

For example:

<i3dMapping id="frontmirror" node="0>1"/>
<i3dMapping id="sidemirrorleft" node="0>2"/>
<i3dMapping id="sidemirrorright" node="0>3"/>

Try your changes on a clean map without any other mods.

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