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Created27.02.2022 00:16

Gary Lanigan (didymus) 27.02.2022 00:16
Looking into building a map almost from scratch. Will be starting with the 'Blank 4x Map'. I am able to create images from Google Earth, and their associated DEM images. I am also able to import these into Giants Editor, do the smoothing to the terrain once imported and things look somewhat as expected.

Problem #1, or better stated, Confusion #1 is: What size area should I be capturing from Google Earth for a 4x map? 4 km x 4 km? Then once these images are copied from Google Earth (both the terrain view and the DEM view), opened and edited/aligned in Gimp, what size do I make these images? 4096 x 4096 or 2048 x 2048?

Problem/Confusion #2: When the map is loaded into FS22, and I travel around this rather bland map, I come up against a wall. When viewing the mini-map, this wall is approximately half way between the center of the mini-map and the extreme edge of the mini-map in all four cardinal directions. What is the distance from the center of the map to this 'wall'? What is the distance form the center to extreme edge of the map? I am assuming center to edge of map should be 2 km, making the extreme dimensions of the map to be 4 km x 4 km. Is this correct?

Now, when in Giants Editor, I remove these map boundaries, load the map back into FS22, I can travel to the extreme edges of the map. Question again is: What is the dimension of the map?

Old guy here, not allergic to computers or programming, just confused about the map sizing thing.

Thanks in advance for any clarity that you all could share on this. |)

William Rowe (Bonger76) 27.02.2022 06:40
For A 4xmap your map dem should be 2049x2049 not 2048x2048 and in the map.xml it is 4096x4096.the pda now have a boarder area so you will get to the very edge of the map befor you would get to the egde of the mini with no map boarders when you get to the edge it would be 2049x what ever you are north or south that is from the center so if you go west to the edge it would be -2049.
Hope that helps.

Adrian Droste (oggimaster) 27.02.2022 13:40
Your assumption is correct. The normal map is 2 by 2 km and 4x maps are 4 by 4 km big.

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 27.02.2022 15:25

For further info on creating DEM's /Overlays and Borders see the link below

Gary Lanigan (didymus) 27.02.2022 23:09
William and Colin, thanks for the information. That is exactly what I needed. Colin, the tutorial you provided is spot on! Great tips on software adjustments as well. Definitely redoing my map and DEM images now. Much better than the Youtube videos I have found for sure.

Adrian, I am aware of the difference between the 2x and 4x maps, it was the other information I was looking for.

Thanks again guys!

Gary Lanigan (didymus) 02.03.2022 17:54
Are the files mentioned in the instructions on your webpage still available?
The link says 'no' and leads nowhere.

Other than that, excellent tutorial. The process is actually quite easy!

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 02.03.2022 18:30
Log into site required for downloads and to create/answer any posts

Gary Lanigan (didymus) 02.03.2022 21:18
Duh!! Totally missed that. (sigh)
Registered and signed in...

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