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gdm / grle files for 4x modmap

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Created06.03.2022 14:07

Adrian Droste (oggimaster) 06.03.2022 14:07
Hello there,

I've been wondering which gdm and grle files I need for a custom 4x modmap and which one of them I have to convert to a bigger size?
There are some warnings in my log, which seem to be a result of missing gdm files or wrong sizes. (Warnings down below)

I am asking this question because I dont wanna encounter these issues when I finished my modmap. It is likely that I have to redo some things, when these gdm and grle files arent the correct size or even missing. (I'm using a 4x empty modmap as base, which was converted by another person. I have the feeling some things arent converted properly)

I have following gdm/grle files:


As reference the official mapAlpine has also densityMap_groundFoliage.gdm in the data folder.


Same reference mapAlpine - there are way more infoLayer.grle files than I have. Im pretty sure some of them will generate, when they are needed in the savegame.

Log warnings:

Warning (performance): Foliage lod 1 mesh 'meadow' 'cut' 'cut' is much larger than lod 0 mesh (min/maxY (-0.175/0.082 vs -0.125/0.103).

densityMap_fruits.gdm' has elements very far out from the cell edge (59.65% expansion)
densityMap_fruits.gdm' may need space for up to 3849004 instances (1819 per cell x 2116 cells)

densityMap_weed.gdm' may need space for up to 524288 instances (512 per cell x 1024 cells)

densityMap_stones.gdm' may need space for up to 524288 instances (512 per cell x 1024 cells)

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 06.03.2022 15:17
Believe it or not, you can disregard all of these. It's all bonus material and shows up for everyone. If this is all you're concerned about in your log so far, you're in good shape.

Adrian Droste (oggimaster) 06.03.2022 20:48
Oh really, thats good to hear. There are no warnings or real errors left, because I fixed them right away :)

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