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Created08.03.2022 17:09

Rene Doppenberg (doppy) 08.03.2022 17:09
Hi all!
i've been working on a weight mod, something different... But it is my first time makeing a mod from scratch.
I've finaly got it in the shop without it falling through the ground, was a collision thing i found out after a long time..

But i've added some decals, they can be turned on or off. But if you use this option in shop the whole mod wobble's/shakes.
I can't find any error's in the log or in the ~ menu. So i have absolutly no idea what's wrong with it...

if anybody got some idea's/tips i would be gratefull!


Rene Doppenberg (doppy) 09.03.2022 20:57
Anyone? Or im i forgetting information that is needed? I am new to this..

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 10.03.2022 11:04
Point to note, not everybody is in the same time zone as you so answers may take a couple of days to appear, reposting or bumping doesn't help your cause.

I suspect you have the rigid body tag selected on decal layer mesh

Rene Doppenberg (doppy) 11.03.2022 15:32
Hi Colin!
thanks for your reply, and sorry for my impatience... But the bump was mostly because I was most of all worrying i didn't give enough information or wasn't clear enough.

the plane's i've used for decals didn't have any rigid body tags, but the transform group to collect them did. Removing this made the shakeing less but didn't delete it..
some more info, were the error might be in:
from the gaints i3d exporter menu in blender:
physics: vehicle - Compound
non physics Exterior
no rigid body
rendering: casts shadows, receive shadows.
(i have this information from the giants video tutorials from fs22)
and i've used the decalShader.xml with shader variation set to none

as i've said, i am new to this and information is difficult to find for me( might be searching wrong though..)
i'm gratefull for any hints and tips!

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 11.03.2022 17:29
Check your scenegraph allocations and collision settings against another weight mod on the modHub, as it appears you have the wrong settings
The rigid body collision tag should be set to Dynamic and collision box checked with you model with no rigid body selection at all.

Also before attempting to create any mod always try and use an exsting base game object or modHub mod as a reference to how it should be set out.

Rene Doppenberg (doppy) 14.03.2022 13:44
Hi Colin!
thanks for the advise! I was looking to much at the settings for the decal 'plane'. But after your post i found that the settings of the main collision were the problem. Did them just as the video in the Gaints modding tutorial (at least i think i did) but or there came an error in this, or it's just different from they're example.
But anyway, it apears to be working now, gave some reworking but that shouldn't be to much work.

Thanks again for the advise!
gr René

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