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Production questions - heaps, smoke, animation clips, wood trigger

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Created08.03.2022 23:26

Ronny S. (RonnyS311) 08.03.2022 23:26
Hi there,

I'm in the final phase of building my map, but I still have the following questions that I don't know the answer to. Maybe someone can help me here?

1. Production creates a heap as output, can I load it with a shovel?
Keyword HeapShovelTrigger like in recent games LS19,LS17...?

2. Is it possible to play an animation clip file (i have use it in LS19) as an animation in a production? (Name.i3d.anim Data)

3. Smoke for productions? I would like it to smoke from the chimney when the production is active.

4. Let conveyor belts run permanently outside of productions?

5. Sell wood without pressing a button, like in LS19?

I really hope you can help me with one or the other question? really thanks for that!

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 09.03.2022 00:10
The only one of these I can answer off the top of my head is the selling of wood. sellingStationWoodTrain placeable allows you drive right through the trigger and the wood sells. Never have to interact with the trigger. I'm afraid I can't be much help with the rest.

Doug Williams (Dougw133) 20.04.2023 21:43
Ever solve these?

Doug Williams (Dougw133) 20.04.2023 21:43
Ever solve these?

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