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Created10.03.2022 18:59

Bohdan Tkachenko (bohdan_538) 10.03.2022 18:59
hello, maybe someone knows if it is possible to somehow use the visibility condition to make an object that is not displayed at a certain time without a collision? Because it disappears, but its collision remains, I'm trying to make an orchard, and I want it to work only in the season I need, since I don't get along with scripts, and I haven't found someone who can make it for me, I want to make it so that at a certain time, at the entrance to the gardens, gates appeared, but their collision remains when they disappear.

Adrian Droste (oggimaster) 10.03.2022 19:42
check the clip distance in the attribute panel, when you selected an object. if you want a big building to appear in the distance, you have to set the parent groups also to that clip distance or higher you want. if you want to decrease the distance where you can see an object (lod0, lod1, collision box, every object and part you want), just set the clip distance to a lower value. nothing else has to be adjusted for that.

Bohdan Tkachenko (bohdan_538) 11.03.2022 00:17

What? I don't understand, I didn't ask that question.

Adrian Droste (oggimaster) 11.03.2022 06:39
Sorry I totally over read the seasonal part. I would look up the function which is coloring the trees in fall. This condition is seasonal, so maybe you can use it to modulate the clip distance und collision with that. Maybe you only have to toggle visibility, but collision would be still there. Which option to modulate is found out pretty fast. The important part is the script.

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 11.03.2022 10:46
The OP was asking about objects that can be made visible invisible at certain times and removing the collisions when invisible, nothing whatsoever to do with clip distances.
The collision problem is a known problem that I thought may have ben addressed in the 1.3 update but I can find no reference to it so it looks like we are still stuck with it.
The only other way (far from ideal or realsitic) is to not select the rigid body tag for your object which is how its done in the base game maps

Michael T. (mx11de) 14.03.2022 10:22
You can use the Snowmen's mechanism, but they don't have an active rigidBody either.
Theoretically you can also create a script and then change the objectMask.

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