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LIcence Plate on new MOD

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Created13.03.2022 09:29

Michal Szynal (michael_S91) 13.03.2022 09:29
I have a question about licence plate, how to get licence plate visible in the shop and the game ? I have it setup on my mod in giants editor and XML file but I don't have it in the shope to choose type of licence plate etc.

David Zadnik (DzInLa) 13.03.2022 15:15
Extract any good mod that has a license plate (i usually start with the ones GIANTS puts in the ModHub).
Search the mod xlm file for "license" for an example how to script it. Your mod needs a transform group named "licensePlateBack" rotated 180 deg on the Y in the EDITOR (Z in BLENDER).

Michal Szynal (michael_S91) 14.03.2022 20:28
Thank you for explanation but I did it, my XML line looks like this one below:

<licensePlate node="licensePlateBack" position="BACK" preferedType="ELONGATED" placementArea="0.08 0.23 0.1 0.23" />
<licensePlate node="LicensePlateFront" position="FRONT" preferedType="SQUARISH" placementArea="0.15 0.25 0.15 0.25"/>

Then in GE I have transform group named "licensePlateFront" and "licensePlateBack" is on the position. But in the game isn't showing in the shop License Plate to choose.

Michal Szynal (michael_S91) 19.03.2022 13:43
Anyone can help me with that ? What I need to do to get it in mod configuration ?

What is the placementArea ? Numbers on every mod are different

David Zadnik (DzInLa) 19.03.2022 15:26
Your xml looks ok, do you have any errors or warnings in the game log.txt

On the store page in-game, click the license plate to set options. Once you pick a plate and numbers in a saved game, the game will use your choice of number/letters for other store purchases.

One way to check the plate direction is have the transform a 1m or more above where you actually what it, it will be floating in air so you can see if your rotations are correct.

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