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Created18.03.2022 16:21

Robert Alting (Robert9) 18.03.2022 16:21
buy object but hangs

anyone have an idea

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 18.03.2022 17:03
OK i'll buy this lack of information thing

What, Where, How

Blind, hoofed ruminant mammal

Robert Alting (Robert9) 18.03.2022 17:21
Its a Wifo P46B

i made it myself in blender and it is my first time modding

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 18.03.2022 18:48
Then I suggest you look at a comparable base game item and compare the settings in both i3d and xml's with yours

Robert Alting (Robert9) 18.03.2022 18:54
Ok Thx for helping

Robert Alting (Robert9) 18.03.2022 20:32
is this the problem ??

Error: Real Dirt Color : Error loading body parts for WIFO

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 18.03.2022 22:41
When testing new mods it is alwys advisable to remove all mods (except the one you are testing obviously) from the mod folder and test your mod in a base game, this will ensure that if anything is incorrect then it is definitely something in your mod setup and not interaction with another mod

In answer to your question, does your mod work if you remove the Real Dirt Color mod, if so then that is your problem .

But as the error highlights a problem with your mods loading of items in the i3d/xml I suggest you look again at a comparable base game item and see how they are set out both in i3d and xml's

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