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Created21.03.2022 14:57

Yannick Bar (greddy72) 21.03.2022 14:57
hello I would like to know how I can do to put a cow barn in the game and put it into operation when you buy the land where it is placed I can't find the line of code to write to do it what it does you don't have the land but the barn is functional and I would like it locked up until you buy the land

Michael T. (mx11de) 21.03.2022 18:30
add in the placeable.xml in the section base the tag boughtWithFarmland with true

Yannick Bar (greddy72) 22.03.2022 18:53
i try doest work

<placeable mapBoundId="animalhusbury" filename="data/placeables/rudolfHormann/cowBarnBig/cowBarnBigVector.xml" position="211.451 84.819 482.405" rotation="-180 0 -180" age="0.0" price="722500.00" />
<placeable mapBoundId="farmGarage" filename="data/placeables/rudolfHormann/garageBigService/garageBigService.xml" position="290.316 84.798 501.132" rotation="0 0 0" />
<placeable mapBoundId="farmGarage" filename="data/placeables/rudolfHormann/garageBigStorageService/garageBigStorageService.xml" position="199.841 84.798 361.426" rotation="0 0 0" />



Michael T. (mx11de) 22.03.2022 21:29
sorry i meant the xml of the placeable not the placeable.xml sorry my fault.

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