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splistreetconstructor roads are upside down

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Created22.03.2022 09:53

Jalikulli (luckycol) 22.03.2022 09:53
Title tells all. What could i do wrong with my roads? When i import new road to my map it is upside down and the thing what moves all objects is very far away. Also i have 4x map, could it cause that? It worked before.

Jalikulli (luckycol) 22.03.2022 20:09
update. It works right in the middle of the map, but not near borders.

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 22.03.2022 21:33
4X map wouldn't have anything to do with it.

First, try running the spline from the opposite direction. Before you put the markers down, just highlight the spline and press "R" to reverse its direction and proceed as usual. If that doesn't work out, you can try the method outlined below.

When initially placing your spline, if this is the method you are using, try to avoid rotating the spline. Instead, just grab the S and E endpoints and drag them into position. Sometimes it happens that the road still flips over on itself even though you are doing everything correctly. After the spline is positioned and the markers are in place, export the markers as usual and once exported open that file in a text editor and search/replace any instance of "180" and replace with "0" for the X/Z in "rotation". When using the replace function in the editor (cntrl+H) it helps to check the boxes for "match whole word only" and "In selection." This will help to avoid replacing any values you don't intend to. You're only looking to change the X and Z values for rotation, nowhere else. If they are 180, put them back to zero. When complete just save the file and run it through SSC again. If it throws an error, you may have changed a 180 value other than the X or Z. It will give you the line number of what needs fixing.

This will only help to get the road "right side up."

NOTE: I'm making a lot of assumptions here like you being aware to always run the spline in the direction of "the blue arrow" on the Gizmo and proper spline placement in general.

Jalikulli (luckycol) 23.03.2022 03:22
I have always made roads towards to blue arrow.
After all i managed to make roads to near map borders. Only things what made me lose my mind was, warning for wrong angel of spline etc. i couldnt find why it did that.
thanks for your help, even i cant say it help this time, but i am sure it will help in future in something else.
I tried your advice, but there were everything fine in "rotation".

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