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Created22.03.2022 12:23

Clint Richardson (sfinxxxxx) 22.03.2022 12:23
Is there away to make density height maps deeper slo a pile of coal would be physically deeper, I've tried 8,9,10,11 in GE

Carl Krolikowski (carlk5555) 22.03.2022 17:48
Do you mean taller ground piles? Like removing the height limit? If so im also wondering if anyone knows a way to do this.

William Rowe (Bonger76) 23.03.2022 02:17
open map .i3d in notepad++ and find "DetailLayer " and at the end of the line " maxHeight="4" " you increase this number for higher piles dont know if thier is a limit ,make A backUp map and test.

<DetailLayer name="terrainDetailHeight" densityMapId="274" numDensityMapChannels="12" compressionChannels="6" cellSize="8" objectMask="16711935" decalLayer="2" materialId="348" viewDistance="75" blendOutDistance="5" densityMapShaderNames="blendMap" combinedValuesChannels="0 6 0" heightFirstChannel="6" heightNumChannels="6" maxHeight="4"/>

Clint Richardson (sfinxxxxx) 23.03.2022 05:00
Thanks I'll give it a try

Clint Richardson (sfinxxxxx) 25.03.2022 13:16
i noticed when i change the 4 to a higher number the gras when cut is just blotchy with no yield, is there an adjustment for that

William Rowe (Bonger76) 26.03.2022 16:56
try not going higher then " 6 " maxHeight ,you might have to repaint your grass in editor,this is the line that in older FS you had to change the
numDensityMapChannels from 5 to 12 and some otherthings to get more fruit types,you also might need to change the densityMap_fruits.gdm and the densityMap_height.gdm into .png and remove the .gdm open map in editor and save to create new .gdm this should put the new data on the .gdm then remove the .png .In the past when you make changes to more fruit type the number of channels you would have to repaint any grass or crop
because groth state is changed and you cant play a saved game without changing save game .gdm with new .gdm and it still might not work.

I would start by changeing the maxHieght to 6 go in and test in game if that does not work repaint some grass area go in and test in game if that does not work then redo the .gdm's,and look at the log in editor it might be giveing you an error like maxHeight
what ever number you put in does not match maxHeight "4" or something like that then you have to make new .gdm just do what I stated above to make new .gdm
Hope something in all this helps.

Clint Richardson (sfinxxxxx) 27.03.2022 06:38
k thanks

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