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Created24.03.2022 18:26

Savreux Francois (savreux) 24.03.2022 18:26
bonsoir a tous
besoin d'aide SVP
j'ai crée splines pour pietons et quand je lance le jeu Les pietons n' apparaissent pas !!!
ai-je oublié quelque chose ???
si quelqu'un peux m'aider
MERCI d'avance

Goodnight all
need help please
I created splines for pedestrians and when I launch the game The pedestrians do not appear !!!
did i forget something???
if anyone can help me
Thank you in advance

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 24.03.2022 18:49

David Foster (braveheart) 25.03.2022 02:06
This is what i had to do to get my pedestrians working for the spline it's self create this for the spline add a float user attribute call density then put 0.01 in the blank then create a string called groupName and name it standard in the blank then create a integer call it width and in the blank put 1 this should make it work and then of course make sure you have a transformgroup named PedestrianSystem and for that transformgroup put user attribute script callback onCreate PedestrianSystem.onCreate then a string xmlFile $data/maps/mapUs/pedestrianSystem.xml and you should be good to go

Savreux Francois (savreux) 27.03.2022 13:05
merci tout fonctionne

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