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Created26.03.2022 04:31

David Foster (braveheart) 26.03.2022 04:31
does anyone know a way to make a script for making fields easier like a script that just lets you paint the fields in using infolayer tool i know FS19 had a method for doing this but can't figure out if that method will work for FS22 the way to do it with the corners and blue squares is seriously annoying when you load in game there way off from where you painted the field using the terrain detail tool it just makes it hard to place the fields exact with the blue squares if anyone knows a way please share that advice with me

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 26.03.2022 14:37
Yup, there sure is a way. It's the only method I use these days. I'll dig up some info on it.

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 26.03.2022 15:09
I'm running short on time but for now try googling "field dimensions with bitmap" by LS-ModCompany and that should at least get you started down the right path.

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 26.03.2022 21:25
In case you haven't found anything yet, this post breaks it down nicely for you. It contains the scripts and any extra files you'll need. It takes a bit of tweaking and depending on the size of your map you're going to have to adjust the resolution of the infoLayer/grle.

Like we talked about at one time, there are scripts available for most things you want to accomplish in GE. For the ones you can't find, writing scripts for GE is much easier than for the game (in my opinion).

EDIT: Also keep in mind that this is for an older version of FS so some of the file paths may have to be updated. Also, at the end of the post they reference a bug in GE that may or may not have been fixed by now.

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 26.03.2022 22:45

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Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 27.03.2022 01:20
LOL, was it in German? I didn't notice. My browser is set to auto-translate anything that is not already in English. So, not only do you get the script, but you can also brush up on your German at the same time!

David Foster (braveheart) 27.03.2022 05:15
I'm checking it out thanks

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 27.03.2022 11:13
Sorry should have posted original link

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On the subject of scripts, in the script folder of Giants Editor is a little compilation of scripts in the EditorUtils.lua (access only from GE script Editor)
These scripts are very useful in providing not only active scripts for use in various tasks in GE, such as setting translation rotation of objects, but also give a broad insight into creating your own.
Bear in mind though not all standard LUA modules/commands are available as the editor uses a strpped down version of lua

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 27.03.2022 14:53
I really need to take some time and revisit some FS19 related items to check on updates and such, I'm falling a little behind. The update to this script is something I always wondered about. Even a completely square field would generate a fair amount of points. I've never noticed a hit in performance but like he said in the post, at least now square fields are generated correctly (less points) and at the very least it could potentially help keep the file size down.

I used the provided scripts (among others) quite a bit to get started with Lua for GE and created a handful of my own scripts along the way, it's creating scripts for the game itself where I tend to run into all of my issues.

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 27.03.2022 15:34
Something that is worth noting, at least until I can take a closer look at it, is that when running the updated version of the script it only recognized fields that were specified using infoLayer, whereas the old version of the script would take into account fields generated via manual layout as well as infoLayer.

Like I said, I'm not sure if this is specific to just my field setup or if it's within the script itself. Back up your fields before running this script if you have any fields laid out manually or there is a possibility they may be deleted.

Evan Wintersteen (wintersteenevan) 04.07.2022 04:46
Hey All, I managed to get all my fields painted, and script run seemingly successfully it shows all the fields under the field transform group, however, when I got to run the toggle render field area script, nothing shows up. I'm pretty new to the modding/map making world, any tips for me? Thanks!

William Rowe (Bonger76) 04.07.2022 22:49
you need to have your fields transform group selected then run the toggle render fields,when you have problem it will usely show in window
"console" window.

Evan Wintersteen (wintersteenevan) 10.07.2022 22:37
Good Copy Bonger, I've got my fields selected in the scenegraph, but still nothing, I'm not seeing any errors in the console, just info about threads starting for various things. It's possible I made an error painting in the fields, but that part went pretty easy after some trial and error. Any ideas on what I should look for?

William Rowe (Bonger76) 12.07.2022 00:19
The best thing to do is compare go to base map find fields select it then run the toggle render fileds then you will see the fields painted blue
that comes from the data in each field from the


it is reading these corners and the area that they cover,in FS22 you only need to paint and plant the fields you whant the main farm to start with.
the other fields paint the field areas Dirt then you have to place your corners,example you have an L shaped field two corner groups will cover that area select corner01_1 control B and place it in a corner then select corner01_2 and places in opposite corner and corner01_3
opposite of corner01_2 then do the same for corner02_1 group make sure that corner01 group and corner02 group over lap a little then then select fieldMapIndicator control B place it in the center of the filed this field number on the PDA this area is how the game plantes the field that
you don't have with the main farmland fields.when the fields get rouder or more complicated you have to have more corner groups on one of my fields I have 330 corner groups. open the base game select fields, togger render field then go one of the field corner groups move it around and
move the other corners around and you will see how the ara gets covered and changes shape.

Hope this helps

Garry Parkinson (bonkser) 20.09.2022 12:44
Hi, where is the infoLayer_fieldDimensions.png download? It says it's in the attachment but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Thanks

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