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Created26.03.2022 14:37

Adrian Droste (oggimaster) 26.03.2022 14:37
Hello there,

I have an issue with the densityMap_stones.gdm on my 4x map. The region where stones can spawn is still limited to the normal map size despite the right size (4 times) of the densityMap_stones.gdm.

The gdm file is 8192x8192px. This is the gdm file which came with the 4x map template I've been using.

When I try to create a new 4x gdm file, it doesnt work at all (stones arent spawning). So I cant verify if it has something to do with the original file or not.
-> emtpy normal map
-> convert densityMap_stones.gdm to png (4096x4096) with the grle converter
-> putting 4 duplicated pngs next to each other to increase the size from 4096x4096 to 8192x8192 without stretching any pixels (dont know if its necesarry, because its just black)
-> exporting as png and put in the data folder
-> change datapath in map.i3d from ...stones.gdm to stones.png
-> open modmap in GE and saving it (generates gdm)
-> change datapath in map.i3d back to gdm type and deleting the png in the folder

This should work but it doesnt.
It's also weird, that the original gdm file is more than 2 times bigger than the new created one.

Maybe someone have an idea :)

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 26.03.2022 14:56
When you say that it doesn't work, you mean it keeps showing up as the original 2km map size instead of 4? In your map.xml, what values do you have there for width and height? Your process of converting seems ok. If you're not worried about corrupting existing data in the density map or it's blank like you said, you don't need to fuss with 4 duplicated pngs, a single 8192x8192 8 bit png will be fine. Make sure the png is 8 bit, this could explain the difference in file size.

Adrian Droste (oggimaster) 26.03.2022 16:59
Thanks for your response

When I used the bad gdm file, stones spawned nowhere on the map.

The width and height are set at 4096 by 4096.

I fixed it by exporting as 32 bit png. I also tried exporting it as 8 bit png after reading your comment. This also worked. The gdm files have the same size. So the issue had to do with the bit depth of the png. This also showed me again, that this template isnt so great.

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 26.03.2022 17:15
Good deal, glad you got it working. Keep in mind that 32 bit may seem fine now, but once you start storing data the difference will be noticeable in that 8 bit = 1 byte per pixel while 32 bit = 4 bytes per pixel. It may be no big deal with the stones, but then you won't be covering the kind of color range where 32 bit is necessary.

So many people are having issues with downloaded blanks, there is ton of pure junk out there. Always best to make your own.

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