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Created26.03.2022 16:57

Robert Alting (Robert9) 26.03.2022 16:57
how to make a triggerpoint ?

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 26.03.2022 17:22
The best way would be to take a look at some of the base game files and see how they did it. You can copy and alter any of the files to fit your needs. If you need just a basic trigger, waterFillTrigger is fairly basic and a good starting point. It can be found in the FS22 install location in the placeables folder.

Robert Alting (Robert9) 26.03.2022 18:09
trigger point is for doors windows but I can just find that in fs22?

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 26.03.2022 18:41
Simply create a cube by selecting Create-Primitives--Cube
adjust size to suit then in the Shapes panel select --Cast Shadow - Receive Shadow- Non-Renderable boxes
Next in the Transform panel select Rigid body then in the Rigid body panel select Collision and Trigger
Now select the box with three dots alongside the Collision Mask (Hex)panel and in the pop up panel select Clear and then select no's 20 and 21 and click oK

You now have a trigger set for player and Vehicle Operation

Robert Alting (Robert9) 26.03.2022 18:50
ok thank you Colin

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 26.03.2022 18:50
Ultimately, the same principal still applies. I suppose it can differ slightly with vehicles vs. buildings, but like I said, the same principal still applies. You're looking to trigger an animated object, perhaps look into a base game placeable that has opening/closing doors? Again, your best bet is to look through base game files until you find an example of something that is close to what you need and work from there. If you look in the placeables/rudolfHormann folder, most of the buildings in there have opening/closing doors. If you can't find anything in there, find a mod on the net that has functions close to what you need and have a look at how they did it.

Robert Alting (Robert9) 26.03.2022 18:55
ok thank you Colin

Robert Alting (Robert9) 26.03.2022 18:57
Ok Ed thank you

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 26.03.2022 19:32
Further information on Collision/Trigger mask settings should it be required, no's are related to the relevant boxes in the Mask pop window.

0: "DEFAULT: The default bit",

# main collisions
1: "STATIC_WORLD: Collision with terrain, terrainHeight and static objects",
3: "STATIC_OBJECTS: Collision with static objects",
5: "AI_BLOCKING: Blocks the AI",
4: "STATIC_OBJECT: A static object",
8: "TERRAIN: Collision with terrain",
9: "TERRAIN_DELTA: Collision with terrain delta",

# identifiers
11: "TREE: A tree",
12: "DYNAMIC_OBJECT: A dynamic object",
13: "VEHICLE: A vehicle",
14: "PLAYER: A player",
15: "BLOCKED_BY_PLAYER: Object that's blocked by a player",
16: "ANIMAL: An animal",
18: "AI_DRIVABLE: AI can drive over this node",
19: "GROUND_TIP_BLOCKING: Bit to block the ground tipping at this position",

# triggers
20: "TRIGGER_PLAYER: A trigger for players",
21: "TRIGGER_VEHICLE: A trigger for vehicles!",
24: "TRIGGER_DYNAMIC_OBJECT: A dynamic object",
25: "TRIGGER_TRAFFIC_VEHICLE_BLOCKING: A trigger that blocks the traffic vehicles",
27: "TRIGGER_FORK: A trigger for fork object mounting",
28: "TRIGGER_ANIMAL: A trigger for animals",

30: "FILLABLE: A fillable node. Used in trailers and unload triggers",

# deprecated
2: "STATIC_WORLD_WITHOUT_DELTA: Deprecated in FS22: Do not use it anymore!",
6: "TRACTOR: Deprecated in FS22: Do not use it anymore!",
7: "COMBINE: Deprecated in FS22: Do not use it anymore!",
22: "TRIGGER_COMBINE: Deprecated in FS22: Do not use it anymore!",
23: "TRIGGER_FILLABLE: Deprecated in FS22: Do not use it anymore!",
26: "TRIGGER_CUTTER: Deprecated in FS22: Do not use it anymore!",

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