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Saved foliage changes not showing

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Created27.03.2022 23:19

A Douglass (901meister) 27.03.2022 23:19
I made a 4x mod from Hobos Hollow 4x by flattening and removing all items. I then painted a foliage layer of meadow harvest ready over the entire map.
Now that I am placing my first roads I find that if I paint over the foliage layer with dirt it shows in GE but when I save and load the map in the game there are no changes to the foliage layer. If I add objects to the map and they show in game. I have deleted all caches and even restarted my system, but no change to the foliage. I have built maps in FS19 but this is my first attempt with FS22. Any suggestions?

A Douglass (901meister) 28.03.2022 00:13
I solved the problem by deleting my savedGame.

Mark Pontifex (Ponti074) 11.05.2023 11:51
Ive got the very same problem, Trying to convert a map from 19 to 22 and had the same issue, I have a save game of the map so will try that solution, Many thanks for posting as I cannot find this anywhere else

M_k Mcd4 (MKMcD) 16.05.2023 23:11
Yes, if you change the foliage or redefine a field, you need to start a new save.

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