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can you convert sound from fs19 to 22

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Created29.03.2022 14:09

Robert Alting (Robert9) 29.03.2022 14:09
Can you convert sound from fs19 to fs22

from tractors or trucks & cars

please Can someone help me?

Tommy Aleksandersen (WolfBoy) 01.04.2022 23:46
Do you mean the xml files or the sound files ? The sound files don`t need to be converted, it`s ether wav or ogg, most ogg. Giants uses ogg files, but you can keep the wav in the sound file. it will pic it up and work, it did for me anyway.

Robert Alting (Robert9) 02.04.2022 10:12
yes xml is not working in the convert if I want to change it it doesn't do the xml file

but how should that be?

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 02.04.2022 10:53
Some of the vehicle sounds, engine in particular are now contained in a gls format , to use previous versions engine sounds you will have to learn how to use the GIANTS Loop Synthesis Samples 1.0.0 (Farming Simulator 22) (Llink to a tutorial video in one of your previous posts).
Check the base game vehicles for reference on how sound is now implemented as most now have separate sound xml's which are linked to the soundTemplates.xml

Bryan Boulding (SlashDoggy) 25.04.2022 06:32
Change <sounds externalSoundFile="sounds/new_holland_sp400.xml" />
to <sounds filename="sounds/new_holland_sp400.xml"/> <--Place this line in the base section of xml

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