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harvest contract crop amount false calculation

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Created29.03.2022 23:07

Adrian Droste (oggimaster) 29.03.2022 23:07
Hello there,

I've been experiencing an issue where I dont reach the wanted crop amount at a harvest contract. This issue only occurs on my 4x modmap.

Is there a infolayer/densityMap which influences the calculation for the contract?

The game has to estimate the crop amount for a given field itself. I dont changed any script, so these are the only custom files which can cause this problem.

UPDATE: After searching the internet for a while I found out, that many people had this bug on official maps. Most forum posts about this topic were from late 2021. The calculation formula was updated throughout the versions. At version 1.2.X.X the bug didnt occured, but it seems that the new version 1.3.X.X brought it back.
I mostly played at version 1.2.X.X and the harvest contracts worked without issues - you also had like 5% more crops left after completing the task, which acted like a bonus.

-> The only two ways fixing this problem temporarily are:
1. To change the state of the contracts to "done" in the savegame file,
2. or modify the mod "Better Contracts" where you put a factor of 0.9 infront of the calculation, so you have 10% headroom which should negate this bug. (If you know how, you can also write your own lua code)

If you have any other idea, please share it with us.

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