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Created31.03.2022 07:48

David Foster (braveheart) 31.03.2022 07:48
can someone help i know the size of the preview pic must be 2048x2048 every time i take any pic i have and resize it it does absolutely nothing to the size it stays the same every time no change i've tried several different size pics and have tried different resizeing of every way and nothing is changing can someone help with some advice on this thanks

David Foster (braveheart) 31.03.2022 07:52
do you think it's because when i download the pics i have a space in the address link to it this is driving me crazy can't even get the image to change at all for the game

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 31.03.2022 12:12
The preview pic is indeed 2048 x2048, but only the lower part of it is used in the ingame preview picture (hence the massive amount of sky in the default game ones), try centering the part you want to show roughly between 800 and 1800 pixels in height.
Look at the images in one of the modded maps, Calmsden for example.

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