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Fs19 convert sound to fs22

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Created01.04.2022 10:53

Robert Alting (Robert9) 01.04.2022 10:53
fs19 sounds convert to 22 but how?

Tommy Aleksandersen (WolfBoy) 01.04.2022 23:17
I don`t hink you need to convert anything sounds files.

Florian Fooslechner (Florian_mos) 04.04.2022 12:10
i can not see the data

Bryan Boulding (SlashDoggy) 25.04.2022 06:28
FS19 sounds still work, just need to change how the game sees them
FS19 - <sounds externalSoundFile="sounds/new_holland_sp400.xml" /> was in the motorised section
FS22 - <sounds filename="sounds/new_holland_sp400.xml.xml"/> now in the base section

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