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Snow problem under my new sheds

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Created03.04.2022 18:39

Fabio Dell'orto (Dello) 03.04.2022 18:39
I built different open sheds to recover mods in my own farm. When snowing, roof became white, snowplane appear but all surfaces down like 3d floor are snow covered too. How can I do to silve this. Roof has " rigid body " attribute on. Thanks!

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 03.04.2022 19:38
Create an indoorArea in youre xml and adjust the nodes accordingly --see base game sheds foe reference

<indoorArea startNode="indoorArea1Start" widthNode="indoorArea1Width" heightNode="indoorArea1Height" />

Fabio Dell'orto (Dello) 25.04.2022 11:18
Yes, of course, with placeables it's ok, but withobjects inside map how they works? Because I have not an xml for them.

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 25.04.2022 11:54
Open map in Ge and adjust infoLayer ---indoorMask by painting underneath youre sheds are in the map

GE --Terrain info layer paint mode -- Info Layer Painting-- select indoor mask-- State --Indoor and select info Channel 0

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