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Created04.04.2022 11:15

Rene Doppenberg (doppy) 04.04.2022 11:15
Hi all!

i got a mod back from Gaints, they gave the feedback to check the clearArea's, i know i can find them in GE, but i have no idea what they are, and how they work.
have tried to search for it, but can't realy find anything helpful.
So i was wondereing if anybody over here was willing to share what clear areas are and how they work.
thanks in advance!

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 04.04.2022 14:55
In real life you have to clear an area before you build something this is the same principle instead it checks to see if the area you want to place things are clear of obstructions
Area checked denoted by the position of the clear area nodes -- see base game placeables for reference.

Rene Doppenberg (doppy) 04.04.2022 16:54
Ok, thanks for the info! As far as i can see the start node is the furthest point on one side and the with on an other side. And is there a way to check if they are correct placed?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 04.04.2022 18:43
The 'clearArea' is a rectangle described by start, width and height.
It does exactly what the name says: on placement this area is cleared from removable stuff like foliage, deco etc.
It is wise if you have width and height as TG childs of start, so you need only the offsets +X and +Z.

Don't confuse with other areas which need only a 2-point description, like testArea or tipOcclusion.

Rene Doppenberg (doppy) 05.04.2022 12:42
Hi Colin and Bilbo!

thanks to you both for explaining! in now understand the function of the clear area's. Make's changing them a lot easier!


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