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<File fileId="290"filename="data/densityMap_height.png"/>

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Created06.04.2022 19:00

Jalikulli (luckycol) 06.04.2022 19:00
I cant understand what is wrong in here. Densitymap is in data folder. it is right size i think (4x map 8192x8192)

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Error: Parse error in 'C:/Users/myname/Desktop/fs22 mappi/maps/maps/map.i3d' at line 37. not well-formed (invalid token).

Line37 in map.id3 <File fileId="290"filename="data/densityMap_height.png"/>
And yes it is .png file in data folder.

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 06.04.2022 19:23
You have a space missing between fileId="290"filename should be fileId="290" filename

Jalikulli (luckycol) 06.04.2022 19:38
i go shame myself, thanks alot. I just add fieldstone to my map so i thought problem has to be cause by that, but it didnt.
thanks again :)

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