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Created07.04.2022 23:11

Huqsi Njl (Zarthania) 07.04.2022 23:11
Hello everyone, I am currently working on a helicopter mod based on another helicopter mod. The helicopter I currently work on have 2 types of rotor styles, and both rotor have his static and "on-flight" object. It have multiples design configurations and some have the 1st style and some have the other.

In Giants Editor, there is 1 transform group per rotor style, its hierarchy goes always like :

Rotor 1
Rotor 2

Here is the thing : I would like to make it automatic to hide the static and show on-flight object when Flight mode is activated and vice versa (currently activated 55 seconds after starting engines).
I think a combination of LUA scripts + entering a new parameter in the design configuration or some thing like RotorStyle="1" / RotorStyle="2" and the script will automatically hide and show the good one with this parameter.

I don't know anything about LUA scripting but I think self.getRotorType, self.setRotorStatus with the ToggleVisibility argument would do something like I want but I don't know how if this is possible and how to make it possible.

I don't know if it's clear enough for you guys, I know that helicopters are not useful for everyone but this is a mod like the others :))

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