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Tractor 3 point hitch

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Created08.04.2022 20:13

Nina Andersen (WolfieeGirl) 08.04.2022 20:13
HI guy`s. So, I have a small problem that I can`t figure out. I have a tractor thats have two parts, one front and one back part.

I am trying to add a 3 point hitch to it, using ingame parts. After a few hours with sweat and tears I finnaly got it to work with no error in the log file. Except from one small thing. The upper arm and lower arms are moving as I turn. Since the myTractor_back_component2 belongs to the back part of the tractor. All the informasjon also goes there. Information like attacherJoints and so on. if I don`t do this the hitch will follow the front part of the tractor. I have a problem and need you to help me, as you can see :) I have tryed everything I could think of but with no luck. My worst scenario in this case is if I need to work with this in blender or something. I hope not :)

Please help.

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