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Possible to do more than 44 farmlands?

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Created09.04.2022 22:24

Iron_Thunder 09.04.2022 22:24
I'm around half way through finishing a map and realized there are only 44 farmlands available, I'm not sure if I will have enough for the maps completion. Is there a way to increase the number? Thanks

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 09.04.2022 23:34
The max. number of farmlands is defined in the map.i3d <InfoLayer name="farmland" numChannels=.. (usually 8)
The number is then 2 ^ numChannels - 1 , so if numChannels="8" upto 255.

If you're accustomed with binary values, you can set the info channels mask according the wanted decimal number.

The values in the scrolldown menu "Lands" are merely for easier selection. You can add manually more entries under <Group name="Lands" as <Option value="n" name="Farmland n"/>

Keep in mind to adapt the 'numChannels' in "farmlands.xml" if necessary.

Iron_Thunder 10.04.2022 08:59
Oooh I see, thank you so much.

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