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Created11.04.2022 00:59

Jason Thomas (Malachi2241) 11.04.2022 00:59
Attempting to create map_growth.xml which accommodates double cropping for map I'm working on. I have been able to figure out how to create 2 planting windows but harvesting times is all screwed up. Anyone had any luck with figuring it out and have any pointers?

Jason Thomas (Malachi2241) 11.04.2022 01:01
This is an example of what I have for wheat currently:

<fruit name="wheat" initialState="8">
<period index="1" plantingAllowed="true">
<update range="1" add="1" />
<update range="2" add="2" />
<period index="2" plantingAllowed="true">
<update range="1-2" add="1" />
<update range="4" add="1" />
<period index="3" plantingAllowed="true">
<update range="1-3" add="1" />
<update range="5" add="1" />
<period index="4">
<update range="2-4" add="1" />
<update range="6" add="1" />
<period index="5">
<update range="3-5" add="1" />
<period index="6">
<update range="4-6" add="1" />
<period index="7" plantingAllowed="true">
<update range="7" add="1" />
<update range="1" add="1" />
<period index="8" plantingAllowed="true">
<update range="8" add="1" />
<update range="1-2" add="1" />
<period index="9" plantingAllowed="true">
<update range="1-2" add="1" />
<period index="10">
<period index="11">
<period index="12">

Duke Giantsdevelopernetwork (duke54) 09.05.2022 04:19
This mod will teach you how to adjust the seasonal cycles for a crop:

Real Life Numbers

Sean Michael (Boundless84) 18.03.2023 17:26
Have a read in this thread:

That link should translate to English from German. If not, here's the original link, and you can enter it into Google Translate directly yourself:

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