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Created12.04.2022 12:19

Wolf Nut (wolfnut70) 12.04.2022 12:19
I ran into an error I can't seem to over come and have found no luck googling it.
I am trying to edit the Model numbers and set them to colormat0. I have tried exporting them one at a time as an obj and I have tried exporting the entire engine Transform group. All seems to go good until I try to set them to colormat0 in Blender. I get the following error. ""blender select vertices are not within a single integer block /UDIM"". Can someone guild me to finding a solution please?

Angelo Smet (angelo_smet) 08.01.2024 21:00
hi wolfnut70

I've had the same problem but i've managed to find a solution

its actually verry easy

did you still have the problem?

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