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Created10.05.2022 00:56

Pasztor81 10.05.2022 00:56

ich habe wie in einem youtube clip Bäume in meine map (mapAlpine) eingefügt und das mesh painting aktiviert. Es wird kein Baum gezeichnet. Egal welchen Abstand ich einstelle. Was kann ich machen?

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 10.05.2022 16:16
First, make sure you are not too close to any type of primitive, for example a water plane buried under the ground. If need be, raise the water plane far enough out of the way, set your trees, then reset the water plane to its original "y" value. Also make sure that you have a tree selected/highlighted in the Scene Graph when using the mesh paint tool. Check the settings for mesh paint, the start and end slope limits should be 0 and 90 respectively.

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