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Created13.05.2022 17:38

Jonas Graulund Hansen (Traktorjonas) 13.05.2022 17:38
Hello, I want to make a more dark asphalt like texture, but when i try to darken the texture and save it, its all black in Editor - Tried a few settings but i havent found the right one yet - What do it have to be on to save correctly? Im using

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 14.05.2022 12:33
When editing ground textures they have to be saved initially as a png file with a separate alpha layer and then saved as a BC7 format using the Texture Ttool (available in the downloads section).
Saving or exporting with any other programme will not work as there are extra details in the header text of the image used by the game.

Jonas Graulund Hansen (Traktorjonas) 14.05.2022 13:47
Ok so i save it as a PNG with Paint.. but alpha layer? sorry i need explanation there?
Thank you tho for helping

Jonas Graulund Hansen (Traktorjonas) 14.05.2022 13:50
Well i just took the PNG into the EXE. file and it seemed to work? The alpha layer part im not sure if its something extra im suppose to do? But thanks alot man

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 14.05.2022 14:12
Regarding the alpha layer, if you look at the in game ground textured you will see that the alpha layer is used to allow merging of textures so edges are less defined and also to avoid the repeating texture pattern effect when using 4 textures of the same type.
See the in game ground textures for examples most have 4 images for one combined texture.

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