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Created18.05.2022 20:51

Dom Nick (Dom21321) 18.05.2022 20:51

maybe i´m just blind but i look for a way to change the color of the Wheel weights. Until now i didn´t find a way to do so.
Hope someone has done it and can help me or maybe just have an idea how i can change it.

Best regards

Bryan Boulding (SlashDoggy) 26.05.2022 06:51
Hi. I found how to change the weights colours. This example is from the Deutz Series 9
<wheel filename="$data/shared/wheels/tires/michelin/axioBib/900_60R42.xml" configId="weight3" additionalColor="DEUTZ_BLACK1">
<physics restLoad="3.1"/>
Change the additionalColor to whatever. A color name works fine and also rgb numbers eg "0.135 0.145 0.158"
I can't get a material to apply eg chrome, metallic etc, I just get the colours. Also can't get the weight colour as an option such as rim colour etc. To have a range of colours for weights, you would have to duplicate the wheels weight config and change the colour for each one. Also change the title of each weight colour config

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