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creating filltype texture

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Created20.05.2022 05:55

Charles Allman (BigPapaMax) 20.05.2022 05:55
I have a pic of a product that stores in a pallet. How can i get that pic in the correct format (the diffuse, normal, specular, etc..) so I can use it as a filltype? Hope that makes sence. I seen a video but it was very old like 2013. It was using Gimp and a plug in called insane-bump. However i couldnt find the plugin and it being that old if probably wouldnt work with the new FS. Thanks for any help.


Edilson Dias Moraes (cemil) 14.05.2023 01:19
também quero saber to sofrendo com isso e fica dando erro se alguem poder ajudar nós eu agradeço

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