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Created20.05.2022 19:51

DaToast 20.05.2022 19:51
I am trying to convet a mod from 19 to 22. In the xml file it has configurations that remove some options. There option shave about 6 parts inside a transform group. Is there a way to select the entire transform group and not have to write 6 lines of code for each of the 6 nodes in the group? I fs 19 it was written as "10<" but that dosnt work. I tried to lock the group in the i3d file but that had no effect.
Hope this is clear enough.

Patton_M47 20.05.2022 22:30
should be X>10 not 10< i think

DaToast 21.05.2022 17:05
I tired "<objectChange node="X>10" visibilityActive="false"/>"
But now my game wont load past 85%.
I also did a bunch of lines like
The problom their being that one of that parts is stored in 10 itsself, and I can not seem to get rid of it.

Also on a side note, the unit slides sideways a lot, anyone know of how to fix that?

Patton_M47 21.05.2022 19:24
can I have a link to your mod?

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