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pig navmesh problem ?

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Created28.05.2022 21:50

Nina Andersen (WolfieeGirl) 28.05.2022 21:50
Hey pople. I need some help. I have made a custom pig pen with 2 small houses and a bridge.

I have used planes to create the navmesh and I have created a navmesh for it. I have made the planes so that they go over the bridge and inn to the houses and out again. The problem is. When I create the navmesh it does not follow my planes. not over the bridge or into the houses. I have tested the pig pen in ingame and it works with no error. Why does the creation of the navmesh not follow the planes ? Am I missing something here ?

If I make a complete square of one or several planes and create the mesh, it does follow the planes.

Thank for answers.

Hilly Farms (HillyFarms) 06.06.2022 20:51
This helped me... You probably haven't told the planes that they are NavMeshes see 12:05

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